Hi, I’m Ross Hagemeister and I own and operate a guide service in west central Minnesota.  The years have rushed by, apparently, and now I’m 40–just about half-dead.  When I bump into folks they seem to always ask the question, “Hows fishing?”  It’s a start-up question–they always like to know more, and I talk and talk and talk.  They’re not always how-to-fish questions, a lot of them are about guiding and about what it’s like to fish a lot–people are interested in me and I find that kind of strange.  I suppose it’s because guiding is one of those jobs that most people think they want or wish they could have, but don’t.  For those of us who do guide for a living know that it’s quite a different story, a story I’d like to share after 18 years in the trade.  I thought I’d write a blog, with a journal format–quick and to the point about a days fishing.  And, of course, nothing tells a fishing story like a photo, so there’ll be plenty of those.


“Fish good,” is a chance, for anglers and non-anglers alike, to experience the ups and downs, the ins and outs of the fishing profession.  I have made the job of guiding both rewarding and challenging as I try to unlock the mysterious world of the walleye–a popular gamefish in the upper midwest and the Minnesota state fish.  The challenges of the job are brought on by my need to produce good catches for my clients everyday twice a day.  I find myself in constant motion always preparing for the next pattern change.   I love to work and fish good.  I’ll use this blog as a journal of sorts and to share with folks what goes on on the water or ice as often as I can.


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