More views from my 788



I’ve finally finished my ice fishing season.  It was a pile of work–which made for good fishing and good guiding–but now I get to do some office work and writing.  Once I get back in the boat in May, I don’t have a chance to write.  Check this image out.  It’s one of my favorites of last the 2013 season!  I was working with my color palate options on the graph and I really liked this option for taking pictures because it cut down on the glare and reflection.  The only trouble I had with this selection was that I needed more sensitivity to get the imaging that I wanted so I didn’t completely convert to grey color.  The overall image was very “simulator” looking.  It’s one of those easy-to-read graphings.  There are a school of walleye in the middle of the screen, and they are doing some moving.  How can I tell?  Notice the streaking by a couple of the marks.  Graphs can pick up movement.  It’s a matter of interpretation, of course, but it is possible.  It’s also easy to understand why the walleye are moving.  Notice the large swirl of bait directly over them.  It’s easy to imagine what’s going on down there.  We caught the fish in this school on crawlers.  I usually choose to troll through schools, make wide pokey swings, and return through the fish about 10 minutes later.  If I don’t need to sit on fish, I won’t.  Sitting directly on a school, no matter the depth, seems to annoy the fish and scatter them faster.  If you troll through groups they tend to stay tighter longer–hence the bite stays more intense which means you’re going to hook more fish.  I feel it increases your catching percentage by about 100%.  Fish Good.  Ross Hagemeister